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Knob-Top: Delineator Post

3S-5000 MUTCD Compliant

Made in the USA Made in the USA
Knob-Top Delineator Post, in white with yellow reflective bands Knob-Top Delineator Post, in black with yellow reflective bands

Knob-Top Delineators


Hooks and Chains

3in or 4in Reflective Bands
2 or 3 Reflective Bands
  Hooks and chains available for delineator posts
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Knob-Top Options

Body Tube Colors:
Black White Orange    

Two or Three
3" Reflective Bands:

3S-5000 Knob-Top

Portable traffic lane delineators
Designed for valet operations
Recessed area for two 3” or 4”
reflective bands
Helps vehicular or
pedestrian control
Parades/crowd control
Large Knob-Top for ease of handling & chain
Low density polyethylene
Meets MUTCD standards
Height: 46”
Rubber Bases: 10, 12 & 18 lbs.


3S-5400AT Dome-Top Delineators
  Black Lime Green Blue White Yellow Red  
Reflective Bands:
White White

3S-5400AT ARCH-Top

Excellent Valet Delineator
Height: 46”
Available in 8 Body Colors
Reflective Bands: White
Rubber Bases 8, 12 & 18lbs.
Low density polyethylene
Meets MUTCD standards


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