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HEAVY HITTER: Flexible Marker Posts


Made in the USA Made in the USA
Heavy Hitter Flexible Marker Posts are available in a variety of colors
Highly visible traffic control device can be used to channelize vehicles and promote traffic calming
Highly visible traffic control device can be used for walkways
Lane delineation, with Heavy Hitter Flexible Marker Posts
Curb delineation, with Heavy Hitter Flexible Marker Posts

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Heavy Hitter Options

In-Stock Body Colors:
Yellow White White White

Reflective Band Colors:

Heavy Hitter
Technical Specs

Overall Height: 28”
Marker Post Body: 7.5” dia.
Base: 8.75” dia.
Two 4” 3M reflective bands of sheeting are recessed to protect the sheeting from impacts & provide the highest of nighttime visibility.
Exclusive embedded anchor is made from super-strong polymer used in engine blocks. Designed to provide maximum adhesion to concrete or asphalt... Yet easy to remove. The tough polymer anchor & steel bolt will not fuse together.
Posts rebound to upright position after many impacts.
Rounded body with sealed top.
Post bodies are made of UV resistant impact materials. 5-Year protection.
Post bodies are 100% recycled content.
Post bodies will not separate from bolted bases upon impacts.
The flexible posts are designed to provide a visual indicator day or night.
Post shape helps traffic flow, define perimeters, calm traffic and help separate pedestrians & bicycles from motorized vehicles.

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